Located in the centre of Valongo, the Regueifa & Biscuit Workshop is a space dedicated to the promotion of cultural heritage, through the collection, preservation and exhibition of objects and memories related to baking as a secular activity in the municipality. This building focuses on honouring the Valonguese soul and showcasing one of the municipal brands behind an activity that catapulted Valongo into the world, its aromas and ancient flavours the result of the local population’s hard work, and which to this day awaken the five senses.


Monday to Sunday 09:30 to 12:30 and 14:00 to 18:00

Interactive visits to the Hands on the Dough Experience
Times: 10:00 | 11:00 | 14:30 | 15:30



Adults €4,00 (18-65 anos)
Teenagers €3,00 (13-17 anos)
Crhildren €2,00 (6-12 anos)*
Seniors €3,00 (+65)
Adults €3,00/person (up to 5 persons)

*children aged 5 or under are exempt


Daily workshops: biscuits, 3d film, holograms and historical information

From the moment you enter the Valongo Regueifa & Biscuit Workshop, you begin an
interactive and audiovisual experience through the history of baking in Valongo.
Visitors are able to watch and interact with the exhibition material in various ways.


The exhibition “From Grain to Bread” is divided into four themes - agriculture, milling, traditional baking and the bread route - which complement each other and help visitors better understand the entire manufacturing cycle of Valongo bread. Thus, this story begins with the moment the land is worked to plant the cereal, and ends when the finished product arrives at the customers' homes, partly told with the help of the tour guide, partly through interactive devices.


Here you will find more information about the bread-making industry


Comboios de Portugal has a direct connection to Valongo along the Marco de Canaveses line, stopping at Valongo, Suzão or Ermesinde. You may also travel on the Braga and Guimarães lines, with a single stop in Ermesinde. Arriving at this station, there are several STCP bus lines connecting the two cities.

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addressAv. 5 de Outubro 160
4440-503 Valongo,
Porto - Portugal
mobile+351 918 345 567 


Crianças menores de 12 devem estar sempre acompanhadas por um adultoChildren under the age of 12 must always be accompanied by an adult

Mochilas e sacos de maior dimensão devem ser colocados nos cacifosLarger backpacks and bags should be left at reception

>Proibido tirar fotografias com flashNo flash photography

Proibido fumarNo smoking

Proibido comer e beber fora das áreas designadas para o efeitoNo eating or drinking outside the designated areas

Conserve o seu bilhete até ao fim da visitaKeep your ticket until the end of the visit

Ao longo da visita tem ao dispor áreas de descansoRest areas are available throughout the visit

Proibido fazer filmagens ou gravações de áudioNo filming or audio recordings

Desligar o som do telemóvel Mute your mobile phone  

Proibida a entrada a animaisAnimals are not allowed