Biscuit recipe - palitos reais

Biscuit recipe - palitos reais

What ingredients are biscuits made from? Flour, sugar and butter may be the basis, but these palitos reais from the Paupério Biscuit Factory cookbook have other characteristic ingredients such as beer. If you're looking for a traditional biscuit recipe, this one is a good bet. Read the recipe carefully, roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty to try this recipe from Valongo, land of bread and biscuits. Enjoy!

Palitos reais  

1 kg of sugar, 2500 g of flour, 5 g of salt, two local beers, and half a litre of butter 

First pour in the sugar, the butter and salt, then mix everything by hand, adding a little beer at a time. Once all the beer has been added, add the flour and knead the dough until fully developed. Roll out the dough on a table surface with a wooden rolling pin, until the dough is thinner than a coin. Lastly, cut the dough into sticks as long and thick as a finger. Bake in a moderately hot oven. 
Livro de receitas para fabrico de bolachas e biscoitos, Fábrica de Biscoitos Paupério, Valongo, no date – Municipal Historical Archive.