Queen toast recipe

Queen toast recipe

Have you heard of the famous Paupério Queen Toast? Usually made with sweet regueifa, this toast is ideal to accompany a cup of coffee on a cold winter day, spread with butter. Thanks to this recipe, found in an old recipe book by Fábrica de Biscoitos Paupério, you can try to make your own queen toast at home. Follow the steps below and try it out!

Queen Toast 

104 kg of flour
12 kg of sugar
1 kg of refined salt
800 g of baker’s yeast
250 g of butter
120 eggs
5 g of a secret ingredient
20 litres of water  

The fermentation starter is made with about 30 kilos of flour and 10 litres of water. In the summer, use cold or slightly tepid water. In winter or in cold weather, use warm water.  
Livro de receitas para fabrico de bolachas e biscoitos, Fábrica de Biscoitos Paupério, Valongo, no date – Municipal Historical Archive.