Recipe for cacos, typical valongo thins

Recipe for cacos, typical valongo thins

Have you heard of cacos? These are among the biscuit varieties most produced by biscuit makers in Valongo, and can be told apart by small details: more air bubbles, a characteristic yellowish colour, a stronger taste of cinnamon, wholemeal version, etc. To learn how to make this delicacy, carefully read the recipe that follows, jot it down, put on the apron and roll up your sleeves to get your hands on the dough. Enjoy! 


56 kg of flour
4 kg of starch
9 kg of sugar
0.7 kg of bicarbonate
0.2 kg of carbonate
0.1 kg Royal baking powder
1 litre of hot water
4 kg of butter
0.6 kg of refined salt
200 g of honey  

The amount of water to be used in this dough varies with weather conditions. On excessively dry days, an additional 1 or 2 litres of water may be required. On excessively humid days, the recipe will require 1 or 2 litres less  
We begin by mixing the flour, cinnamon and sodium bicarbonate. Dissolve the sugar and salt in the water and then soften the margarine. Combine everything in the mixer for about 30 minutes until even. After the ingredients are well mixed, pieces of dough are removed and passed through the laminator to form “clumps”. These are left to rest for about 3 hours, and then they are worked again, one by one, in the same laminator. Each “clump” is passed through the laminator as many times as necessary to create sheets of very thin, almost transparent dough. After this process, the dough is placed onto a table and cut into small squares, with the help of a ruler and a zigzag cutter. Then, one by one, they are placed on the trays, and these are placed in the oven. The trays remain in the oven for about 10 to 15 minutes, until the cacos reach a very soft golden colour, reminiscent of ripe wheat, and the surroundings are flooded with its aromas. Once cooked, they are placed in wooden drawers until completely cool. Because these thins are very delicate, the whole process of packaging, sealing and labelling is done by hand.  

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