Recipe for feitios, typical valongo biscuits

Recipe for feitios, typical valongo biscuits

Another traditional recipe from Valongo, the “Feitios” are made with the same dough as the Valonguenses. Roll up your sleeves and grab your notebook to put this recipe into practice and get your hands in the dough. Enjoy!


This dough is the same as the Valonguenses, and should only be made a little harder. The dough is then passed through the breque until soft, and removed in sheets. The shapes are made by hand, but a cutting machine can be used. Due to the small production volume of this brand, they are still made by hand  

Livro de receitas para fabrico de bolachas e biscoitos, Fábrica de Biscoitos Paupério, Valongo, no date – Municipal Historical Archive.