Recipe for fidalguinhos, typical of valongo

Recipe for fidalguinhos, typical of valongo

These biscuits are known in and around Valongo as Fidalgos or fidalguinhos. At first glance, the dough resembles bread dough, but the sweet taste bellies the fact that these are in fact biscuits. To learn how to make typical Valongo fidalguinhos, carefully read the recipe below, jot it down in a notepad, put on your apron and learn how to make this delicacy for a family tea. Enjoy!


18 kg of Flour
6 kg of fermentation starter
3.5 kg of sugar
0.75 kg of butter
350 grams of refined salt
0.020 kg of ground cinnamon
5 litres of water  

The fermentation starter is made with a small clump of leftover dough from the previous day, by adding 4 kg of flour and about 2 litres of water. Use cold water in the summer and warm water in the winter.  

Begin by mixing all the solid ingredients very well: the wheat flour, bicarbonate, sugar and ground cinnamon. Next, add the butter and mix until a crumbly dough is formed, and then add the salt dissolved in the water. Once well kneaded, cut small portions and roll them into long strings. These are laid out on a tray to create an elongated 0, and the ends are pressed together to close it. Each of them is a unique work of art, with the fingerprint of its creator... Bake them in the oven. Once ready, allow them to cool down before storing and packing.  

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