Recipe for “palitos de canella”

Recipe for “palitos de canella”

Do you like cinnamon? This aromatic spice is a key ingredient in many sweets and is also the star of this traditional recipe. These “palitos de canella” are part of the list of delicacies in the “Livro de receitas para fabrico de bolachas e biscoitos”, from the iconic Fábrica de Biscoitos Paupério in Valongo. Prepare the ingredients and get in the kitchen to prepare these delicious biscuits and experience the Valonguese food culture without leaving the house. 

Palitos de canella 

2500 g of sugar
6 kg of flour
Half a litre of butter and one ounce of salt
A ditta [old measure] of ground cinnamon,
4 and a half quantilhos [old measure] of water  

This recipe is similar to the recipe for Spanish biscuits, but the dough is shaped into sticks as long and thick as a pinkie finger, and baked in a hot oven. 

Livro de receitas para fabrico de bolachas e biscoitos, Fábrica de Biscoitos Paupério, Valongo, no date – Municipal Historical Archive.