Recipe for twists, traditional valongo biscuits

Recipe for twists, traditional valongo biscuits

The shape of these biscuits explains their name. The dough itself has an acidic hint of lemon. These twists can be found in the wooden drawers of many Valonguese biscuit makers. They are a good option for sweet snacks and can even be part of more elaborate desserts. Learn how to make Valongo's biscuit twists with the following recipe.


24 kg of flour
6.5 kilos of sugar
2.75 kg of butter
750 g of powdered milk
350 g of carbonate
150 g of baking powder
80 g of bicarbonate
250 g of refined salt
20 g of malt extract
24 eggs
10 lemons (zest and juice)
4 g of lemon essence
About 10 litres of warm water 

This recipe is kneaded as follows. Beat the sugar, fat, milk and eggs until they form a fluffy paste. Then add the remaining ingredients.  

Livro de receitas para fabrico de bolachas e biscoitos, Fábrica de Biscoitos Paupério, Valongo, no date – Municipal Historical Archive.